Camila Nuñez, Photo 1, $100



Born in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul/BR, lives in the city of Santa Maria, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in visual arts at PPGART/UFSM. She’s got her bachelor degree in visual arts and has experience in areas of drawing, photography, installation, ceramics and tattoo art. The focus of her master’s research is the traces of the body throughout its movement.  Among her artistic references are Jackson Pollock, Francis Alÿs, Claudia Comte and Carla Chaim.

The line as drawing and projects was present in the work that the artist developed since graduate school. In the beginning being a min part of the abstract draws, done only through the line’s movement and the later from a physicality of the string, a broader creation was made possible, with the movement if the body becoming a main element in the making of the drawing that ends up being a reframed through actions that take the body as a brush to draw on a surface installed in the exhibition space. Such photographs presented involve and are the results of such actions involving the drawing, support and the body itself.

Camila Nuñez, Photo 1