BRIGIT KOVAX, Cautious (oil on canvas, 150x150 cm, 2017): 4000 USD (original) / 500 USD (print version)



Brigit is a Hungarian-born painter living and working in London, UK. In 2021 she graduated as an art psychotherapy at University of Roehampton London, after that she had completed her MA degree as painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2017. Gauguin’s ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’ painting made the artist think about how she would answer these questions in her paintings about life. Later, she found abstract expressionism, especially Mark Rothko and then Agnes Martin inspiring on her journey as well. She also has a strong connection to Frida Kahlo’s outlook and approach to art making.


The series of ‘circles in colours’ was created in 2017/18 with the artistic intention of focusing on human completeness and integrity. It reflects on strong emotions such as feeling happy, sad, amused, isolated, breathless etc. that we all experience as human beings regardless gender, race or any other features that may diversify us in reality. The abstract concepts built on duality that derives from simplicity and symbols from the European history of art such as circle and square that as examples are the symbolic pair of masculinity and femininity. These are also often used in Eastern culture such as mandalas to lead to human completeness. For this series, the linen canvas is primed by the artist to create the right surface for each painting and the main colours are hand mixed from own developed recipes. This gives them a special touch.