LEYLA BRASHKA, Nature Being, Mixed Media on Paper, 2018



Brashka is a multidisciplinary artist born in El Paso, Texas from Mexican parents. Since a kid enjoyed drawing and had her first Art classes being a small girl, continued since then taking Art Courses in Slade School of Fine Arts in London (2010), Museo Nacional de San Carlos in Mexico City (2012), ENPEG La Esmeralda in Mexico City (2013), Muralism School of Oaxaca in Oaxaca, México (2015), Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas of Oaxaca (2018), Manny Cantor Center at New York (2019) as well as learning from other artist and experimenting with several mediums on

her own. Brashka´s work explores the intrinsic bond we have with nature and claims that a new way of relating with it has to come, being a crucial and constant theme in my work to reconnect with Mother Earth. Her recent artwork proposes the utopic possibility of a new race of nature beings, imagining how they would be and representing them through different mediums such as ceramics, etchings, engravings, mixed media.

Involved in public space projects, as a way to raise awareness and make a statement about actual themes such as environmental issues that affect us as humanity, as well as our jeopardize relation with our Mother Earth, which we are part of. 


Have collaborated in several community and social collective projects all over Mexico through sculpture and muralism in collaborative projects such as Restore Coral Mural Project (2017) and Ciudad Mural (2017 and 2015) as consider that art is a great way of interacting with the community and generate social transformation along with it. Participated in several Art Festivals in Mexico at Festival Vallarte (2019), Expresion Maraika (2018), Rivers Alive Atoyac Xicome (2018), Festival

Sinergiarte (2017) and have been published in Studio Visit Magazine, EUA (2017) and (2018) and Flamantes Artist Book (2017). Been part at Casitas Maraika Art Residency (2019) and Tasmai Art Residency at Pondicherry, India (2014).