ANNA NAUMOVA, Noise - 1200$ (2 works)



Anna Naumova – graphic artist, based in Poland, born in 1990 in Kharkiv (Ukraine). In

2021 she graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in War-

saw. Her scope of work includes painting, drawing, graphic arts (lithography, serigraphy),

multimedia and graphic design. In her work she analyses themes of memory, psycho-

analysis and urban architecture. Apart from art, she studied Journalism and Social Sci-

ences and Psychology at the Univeristy of Warsaw - interest in these fields also resonates

in her works.

She also works as a graphic designer and conducts masterclasses in teaching and draw-


The practical part of the degree piece was made in the lithography studio in Warsaw at

her alma mater. It consists of nine graphic artworks made in the technique of serigraphy,

titled “Internal Landscape”. In the design process analogue photography and lithography

prints were used. The focus of the work are landscape images from my dreams, showing

the childhood home. A housing project in Kharkiv, in my mind, became the archetype of

home, a stage where the unconscious transforms into symbolic visions. In my works I

struggle to recreate that dreamy place.

A dream is a little bit like a creative process itself. The childhood home is embedded,

“imprinted”, in our mind so that we refer any other future place to it. The dreamt visions

are condensed into visual signs. As humans we have the natural need to synthesise,

classify different phenomena and build systems of meanings. The signs that I create,

however, are not assigned to one particular meaning – the meaning is, rather, obscure

and mysterious.

The form of signs itself are based on the simplest, most basic shapes (cross, square,

circle). Abstract compositions are made of fragments of the real world - textures or

objects come from the photographs that I take with my analogue camera. Those are often

modernist/brutalist architecture of the housing project of Saltavka, but also deserts/rocks/

mountains from more distant travels (e.g. Middle East, Caucasia). Minimalist structures,

rhythm, reflected symmetry are the substance of my primeal, archetypical place – home.

The image which all other images will be referred to and will interact with.