Andrea Cassady, SIJENE 1, GFABE Fine Art Baryta EXPO Giclée paper, 65 x 70 cm, Edition 1/10, 2019




Venezuelan photographer who left Caracas when she was 10 years old to start a new life

with their family in Madrid, Spain.

It was in Madrid, a few years later, where her interest in photography was awakened,

experimenting for two years with different disciplines in the CEV “School of Communication, Image and Sound”.

Her first tries were in analog format, spending hours in the laboratory, studying and learning

chemical processes, while becoming more passionate about this art.

Since 2010, she traveled around many cities as Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Vilnius among others, developing skills and techniques to shape her own style.

Currently, she lives in Barcelona where she has resided for more than five years, working especially the instant format. That is exactly the format she is exhibiting. The Polaroid Land camera is her working tool, giving a more exclusive character to the pictures.

Her work shows us the presence of female figures from an intimate, almost solitary perspective, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. It reflects the essence of the moment playing with shadows and light, keeping the spectator guessing while threading the fine line between gloominess and a lighthearted warmth. During this year, Andrea is taking part in a collective female exhibition organized by Polaroid of The Day that is traveling around several cities. As well, she will join the ISO600 festival to be held in Bologna, Italy at the end of the year.

Andrea Cassady, SIJENE 1