ALEX SPRAGENS, Noon ‘til Dusk, 2020, oil on canvas, 24 x 28 in., $500



(b. 1997) Alex Spragens was born and raised in rural Southeastern Kentucky, USA. He is a classically-trained oil painter with an emphasis on portraits and figures. He received his BA in Studio Art from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky in May 2020. He is currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he balances his time between painting and working as a teaching artist with 6th – 8th grade students.


He strives to explore and express the value of “the simple things” through his art. Natural observations, momentary bliss, meditations, memories... all of these and more fall under the umbrella of the simple things. His paintings often combine life studies with imaginations – striking a balance between the objective and the subjective, the observable and the unseen – to capture moments holistically. His art has the ability to catch an impatient eye while still rewarding long-looking with the play between layers and brushstrokes, precision and spontaneity, and seriousness and silliness.

ALEX SPRAGENS, Noon ‘til Dusk