ALEKSANDAR PEDOVIC, Title: All About Gray II, Technique: Paintings - Acrylic on canvas, Size: 80 x 80 cm, Year: 2018 - 2022



Founder and CEO of the international visual arts project “The Iwano Project” with

amount of interaction between cultures of far east and our western cultural heritage.

Large-scale group international exhibitions of The Iwano Project, was opened by

more than 23 foreign ambassadors and cultural attachés from foreign countries…

Proffesionaly educated in the visual arts in wide, graphic design, unique design,


For professional work in the visual arts have received ower 30 significant awards...

Two times was president & CEO of UPIDIV – Association of applied arts artists and

designers of Vojvodina – Serbia, a member of Icograda.

Have taken part at more then 108 group exhibitions and several Workshops in the country

and abroad, and a eighteen individual exhibitions...

New activities is in the implementation of "intangible" creation and synthesis of

Art & technology on complex projects like that:

In the field of “land art” installations with art objects in the producing green energy in the

„Positive Energy Park“ project, or concept project in wide area of visual arts

„Organic Digital Art-In-Motion COLOURS“, in the comming time of

"New Technological Renaissance"...

“I’m drawing the Moon, and one line seems too many“