is a musicologist, composer and media artist based in New York City. She grew up on classical music and jazz in Belgrade (Serbia) and holds an MA in Musicology from the University of Arts in Belgrade, where she worked as a Music Editor on National Radio, one of the oldest stations in Europe.

Integrating love towards soundscapes and music for moving images, Vucinic began creating sound compositions and short videos in which originally composed music becomes a part of a dialogue with the city/moment. Fuse of a “radio drama” in real time, recordings of people, stories and sounds of daily life.

In video and sound installations, she is exploring a role of time and duration in the natural impulse of a spectator and listener to create a pattern from “chaos” and complete the action.

Her work has been featured in Europe, New York and South Korea.



In a way, both of the categories (Beautiful world and Covid era) resonate

with this piece since it was created during the New York City lockdown. It was a day in May and I took a long walk by the Hudson river on the Upper West side, passing number of men fishing for hours without any catch in sight. In the time of social isolation, witnessing this family’s proud moment felt like a nucleus of a single atom in space.