Group Exhibition


Intimists 2

16 June - 17 July 2019

Satya Cipta

Wen- Hsi Harman

Weronika Piórek

Neelum Nand

Jen Black

Katerina Tsitsela


Our emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is we only represent artists who work alone without assistants, who's work has intimacy, that we can feel the person behind it, the touch and the closeness, someone's hand, that individual touch. As communication now days is all on the phone and the Internet, we represent artists who reach out for something more personal.


Satya Cipta, Indonesia

She is Balinese, however she was born in Lombok Island 1988, and raised

in Sumatra and Java Island, Indonesia. She graduated from Jakarta Institute of

Arts on Performing Arts Department, majoring in Theatre. Satya’s works explore

a number of poignant social issues from a personal perspective, disharmony, a

social disorder of women in revolt; women who do not accept the role attributed

to them in Balinese tradition, women in revolt against the sexual violence of men,

women avenging the violence done to them. It is the painful sexualizing of

woman’s body that Satya’s questions.

Her technique is developts from Balinese traditional technique such as Batuan

technique, ‘sigar mangsi’ and using the Chinese wash layering. Satya had her first

solo exhibition at The Museum Puri Lukisan, Bali in Oktober 2018.

Wen-Hsi Harman, Taiwan/UK (b. 1984)  

She is a Taiwanese ceramic artist, based in Bristol, United Kingdom.        
Wen-Hsi studied her BA in Chinese Literature at the Soochow University,Taipei,Taiwan (2006).   After this she studied her first MA in Chinese History of art in the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (2008). After this she studied her second MA in Contemporary Crafts (Ceramics) at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK (2010). She has been awarded the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy in ceramics at Bath Spa University, UK (2018).

Her ceramic practice investigates cross-cultural identity through clay. Living away from her homeland gives her a clearer perspective of the culture in which she grew up. These experiences have provided a platform from which she can address cross-cultural questions.       

Wen-Hsi creates series of ceramic art based on  handmade sculptural porcelain spoons, fingerprints, bananas, and traditional Chinese characters to explore tension of cross-cultural identity, between the East and the West.

Wen-Hsi has exhibited her work internationally such Taiwan, South Korea, Britain, Germany, France, China, Denmark and Australia. Her work is  also in the public collections such as the Compass Centre, Bristol, UK (2017).  The Fule International Ceramic Art Museum in China (2016). The New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum in Taiwan (2016).   The Ceramic Foundation in South Korea.

Weronika Piórek, Poland

She eraned her M.A. in Visual Arts degree from Academy of Fine Art in Cracov. Currently she is working on personal projects in Nice. She participated in International Student Exchange Program Erasmus in Institute of Fine Arts in Toulouse in year 2014/2015. That's where her first abstract works had been created. Apart from paintings and drawings she is also creating art installations and photographs. Her inspirations come from her travels, other people and nature.


Neelum Nand, Fiji/Australia

Born and raised in Fiji, Neelum moved to Australia at age 16 to further study

and pursue her love of Art. She is a contemporary artist currently living and

working in Sydney.

Neelum enjoys creating paintings that people can connect to. It’s her way of

seeing the world, a way of seeing what surrounds us and how and why we


She paints abstract expressionist works, in varied styles, mediums, colours

and techniques. Neelum has always been experimenting and evolving

throughout her artistic career. Dedicated to the exploration and the freedom

of the abstract form, she employs bold forms of colour and process to create

works on varying subject matter.

Neelum’s many exhibitions and gallery representations include those at NYA

Gallery, New York. Thienny Lee Gallery, Sydney. Flyer Art Gallery, Rome.

Almhaga Art Gallery, Sweden. She has exhibited in several group shows

throughout Australia and has also been selected for upcoming shows in Hong

Kong, Austria, New York, Italy and London for 2019 – 2020

Her artworks are in private art collections throughout Australia and overseas.

She has also created many commissioned works of art.

"When I paint, I retreat into an inside world of creative intimacy and

expression. I don't believe in limiting myself to one particular painting method

or process. I have always allowed myself the freedom to explore and evolve

throughout my artistic career in order to discover the universal balance

between the predictable and the uninhibited." Neelum Nand

Jen Black, U.S./Germany 

She is an American-British artist based in Berlin. Her work is a mesh of juxtaposition, irony, and a dash ofdark humour. Each piece aims to engage and provoke, while making the complex visible. Themes vary fromshadowy to empowering, with a tinge of femininity and a hint of sarcasm. Transgressive and delightfullyunapologetic, her distinctive Limited Editions and Art Prints are available at ​​.Jen’s professional career started in 1996, serving as a ​Creative Director​ and Designer for a multitude of agenciesand brands internationally. To add, she is also the founder of ​Modern Movement​ and Curator of Brave Exhibitions,where she has provided platforms for artists and musicians to perform worldwide.

Katerina Tsitsella, Greece

She was Born in Thessaloniki. She studied Fine Arts in Perugia (Italy) at the "Pietro Vannunci" University, at the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the Department of Fine Arts and Applied Arts with an honors degree and took the Master of Fine and Applied Arts Department of the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University. Her artistic pursuits, always having as its
starting point the values of painting, led her to experimenting with the use of various materials and mixed technical means. Her work, from the 2000 includes wall-paintings and engravings. He has been awarded international competitions abroad as well as a Biennale. He has made solo exhibitions and participated in many other group exhibitions and international competitions, in Greece and abroad (Italy, Germany, Spain, New York, China, Serbia, Bulgaria, London) and seminars. She lives and works in Thessaloniki.


"I am an artist whose artistic research ranges from painting to engraving. My work delves into human perception of landscapes expressing specific mental situations. They are interpreted psychoanalytically as "internal landscapes" or landscapes of the human soul. My paintings manifest internal dark landscapes in which beams of light invade via them. Thus, they reveal the figures besetting with the present situation of existence through the beholder’s eyes. My interest focuses on search of excessive truth which lies beyond our journey to material. The earthen colours and bold writing display my world showing a theme with rough and imposing touches integrating the surroundings either as internal or as abstract ones. All in all, the body of work is a meditation close to the brevity of human existence." Katerina Tsitsella