Group On-Line Exhibition:



emerging and mid-career artists 

1 February - 30 March 2022

opening 1 February at 11 pm


Angela Thouless

Stéphanie Barbetta

Krisztina Arláth

Vera Blansh

Rigatoni Garrido

​Laura Munoz Delgado

Brigit Kovax


Angela Thouless based in Aberdeen Scotland graduated in 1999 from Gray’s School

Of Art with a BA (Hons) in Painting, going on to receive her Postgraduate

Diploma/Masters in Art & Design in 2000 Angela Thouless has exhibited her

artwork across the UK and further afield - Milan, Crete, Venice and Singapore. In

2015 her work was featured at Het Kunstenaarsbal (Amsterdam Cultural Festival).

Moving from painting large scale street art inspired canvases to walls Angela’s Tribe

All artwork began as an idea for a workshop painting on old spray cans which would

have otherwise been thrown away.

In 2019 these paintings developed into her unisex urban t-shirt brand Tribe All.

Both the artwork and the t-shirts celebrate and promoting the diverse

cultures of the world motivated by my love of street art and culture.

Her artwork has been featured in Elle Decoration, 3 editions of House & Garden and

Red magazine. Tribe All has been

GQ, Wired, London Life, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan and

Vogue have all run editorial on Tribe All. The brand has also been promoted

at the Urban Music Awards in 2020 Future ventures include being

promoted again at the 2022 Urban Music Awards and Event Savo’ which will

be opening Milan Fashion Week in February 2022 where Tribe All will be

paraded as ‘New Talent’.


"My artwork is an animation series about Venetian courtesans from the Renaissance and Baroque

period. They were the lovers of many rich and famous men, and artists. I found

interested, that the name of the gallery is the same, than the famous Venetian theatre. I

had a little resource about their woman before. The people I have researched so far

have played a particularly important cultural role in their own community based on their

progressive thinking and multifaceted knowledge. The innovative effect of their

activities, although indirectly, can still be discovered today. For example, Veronica

Franco had the courage and talent to break out of the bondage of stylized emotions in

the field of poetry.

Tullia d'Aragona understood the knowledge of the cultivation of the body and wrote

philosophical dissertations.

Barbara Strozzi was an excellent Baroque composer, whose notes are still performed

by today’s soloists. Portrait paintings were made of the above-mentioned women in their

own age; the painters were Jacopo Tintoretto, Tiziano Vecellio, Alessandro Bonvicino,

Bernardo Strozzi, Paolo Veronese.

I used the digital version of the oil paintings, and I made painting animations.

I am a Budapest based artist, from Hungary. I graduated the Hungarian University of

Fine Arts, in Budapest 2014. I am sculptor, but I love to make animations also."



Laura MD is a multidisciplinary Spanish artist in love with nature and other cultures that inhabit our land, from which she learns and finds the inspiration to shape her work.

In 2008 she finished her studies of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca.

Her training is mainly pictorial, but has not prevented her from covering other areas such as sculpture, photography, design and manufacture of fashion, headdresses and accessories, as well as event decoration.

In her creative work Laura is meticulous, organized and persevering.

Her designs and creations reflect a special taste for detail and a preference for hand-made manufacturing. In her paintings, inspiration comes from nature and the influence of artistic expressions from other cultures and eras. In them, the repetition of decorative patterns, geometric structures and floral elements, symbols, are intermingled, forming an organic fusion, full of subtlety, strength and colour.

She has held several individual and group painting and photographic exhibitions.

She has also worked on the decoration of various places and venues in the U.K. and Spain.

As an accessories designer, she has participated in fashion fairs such as the 1st Edition of the Alicante Fashion Week and has collaborated in costumes for television series.

She is currently involved in the development of a new creative project, Agua Art Studio, as a personal brand, focusing on painting and illusion. Where she continues to develop personally and artistically throughout this journey of continuous learning, with the intention of creating and offering harmony and beauty through her artwork.


Photographer. Studied at Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London

2014-2015 - University of the Arts London / Central Saint Martins

Specialty: Fashion, Art Photographer.

2008-2009 St. Petersburg School of Photography

1997-2001 Institute of Arts Rivne State University for the Humanities.


She has worked with photography since 2007. Until 2020 she was heavily engaged in fashion photography. She has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Fucking Young, Marie Claire, La Botanica, and has collaborated with brands in New York, London and Paris.

In 2020, there was a profound transformation of her personality and she began to delve into documentary photography, as well as art photography.

In 2021, Vera Blansh took part in an international art residency: Biruchiy contemporary art project.

Since 2012 she has held about ten solo and group exhibitions, both international and local.

For 2022 there are plans for exhibitions in New York, London, Miami, Paris.


“Photography for me is not just a craft, it is a way of life. Wherever I go, I always take a camera with me. Sometimes I consciously prepare for a project, but sometimes the shot can find me quite by accident. The main thing is to be in the flow, in search, in desire and aspiration, to transmit the beautiful to the world, because there sure is enough pain and despair around us!


PUBLICATIONS: "Vogue", "Harper's Bazaar", "Fucking Young", "Marie Claire", "Labotanica"


BOOK: 2021 - art book "Opera Lingua" of OPERA APERTA is a laboratory of contemporary opera, founded by Ukrainian composers Roman Grygoriv and Illia Razumeiko.


Visual artist, poet and actress.

She earned a degree (MA) in art, philosophy, literature and a bachelor in the practice of theatre. 

"I work on the traum-a. From the German « Traum » the dream and the Greek letter « a » privative, I transfigure the trauma as a possible Schrödinger dream in incandescent and paradoxically joyful pictures full of colors. 

Indeed, I don’t believe in white feelings. According to me, emotions and feelings melt in each other, that’s why we love dancing on despair. 

In 2020, my work has been selected by as best picture of July and one of them received a special award in October from ArtJobs. 

During the same year, I received a Swiss writing price PEG for my short story Burst with love. 

In December 2021, The Boomer Gallery's London magazine offers me the privilege of being included among 101 artists who have identity, or rather the layers of identity, as the basis of their research."

In 2022, some of her creations will figure in a collective book of women artist. 


Brigit is a Hungarian-born painter living and working in London, UK. In 2021 she graduated as an art psychotherapy at University of Roehampton London, after that she had completed her MA degree as painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2017. Gauguin’s ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’ painting made the artist think about how she would answer these questions in her paintings about life. Later, she found abstract expressionism, especially Mark Rothko and then Agnes Martin inspiring on her journey as well. She also has a strong connection to Frida Kahlo’s outlook and approach to art making.


The series of ‘circles in colours’ was created in 2017/18 with the artistic intention of focusing on human completeness and integrity. It reflects on strong emotions such as feeling happy, sad, amused, isolated, breathless etc. that we all experience as human beings regardless gender, race or any other features that may diversify us in reality. The abstract concepts built on duality that derives from simplicity and symbols from the European history of art such as circle and square that as examples are the symbolic pair of masculinity and femininity. These are also often used in Eastern culture such as mandalas to lead to human completeness. For this series, the linen canvas is primed by the artist to create the right surface for each painting and the main colours are hand mixed from own developed recipes. This gives them a special touch.


Rigatoni Garrido is a Venezuelan-American artist/animator based in North Texas. She currently works as a concept artist at Wonder Works Studio, and explores character design in her preferred medium, oil paint. Her paintings are included in a series called "Playfully Mature" where she combines a fun, cartoony character design with mature concepts we as humans face in our day-to-day lives (romantic relationships, financial problems, confidence in oneself, etc.)  She created this series of paintings while she was studying at the University of North Texas, and continued it while she attended Cambridge's School of Visual and Performing Arts in the United Kingdom in 2020. Rigatoni's painting techniques include utilizing a heavy amount of impasto on many of her works creating a build-up of thick oil paint in the background of the painting. The artist will also include small amounts of puffy paint to add to the texture of the backgrounds and strictly paints with only a palette knife rather than a brush. Rigatoni Garrido is continuing this series of works, as well as animating original characters on social media platforms.