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Best 8 Popular Types of Car Vehicle Wraps


Car vinyl wraps have revolutionized the way people customize their vehicles. They provide a cost-effective and efficient way to change the look of your car without committing to a permanent paint job. Car wraps are made of high-quality vinyl which is durable, weather-resistant and provides an extra layer of protection for your vehicle’s original paint. In this article, we will discuss the best 8 popular types of car vehicle wraps.

Full Car Wrap

The full car wrap is the most popular type of car vinyl wrap. It involves covering the entire surface area of your car with vinyl. This type of wrap allows you to completely transform the look of your car while also protecting the original paint. A full car wrap can be customized to any color or design, making it a versatile option for any vehicle owner.

Partial Car Wrap

A partial car wrap covers only a specific section of your car, such as the hood, roof or side panels. This type of wrap is ideal for those who want to add a splash of color or design to their vehicle without going overboard. Partial car wraps can also be used to highlight certain features of your car such as the wheels or windows.

1, Glossy Car Wrap

For those who are unsure about which color to pick, we highly recommend the Midnight Purple Wrap. It has a subtle dark appearance from afar, yet it exudes a charming purple hue up close.

If you’re looking for a car wrap that is both high-stretch and durable, look no further than Ravoony car wrap. Even after being heated and stretched during installation, the color won’t fade or change. Plus, it’s easy to install and allows for mistakes to be easily corrected.

2, Matte Vinyl Wrap

  • Self-healing Scratches: The installation process of the car film can automatically repair fine scratches on its surface, making it look flawless.
  • High Ductility and Toughness: The excellent tensile strength of the car film enables it to cover the twisted and curved surfaces of the car body smoothly and perfectly.
  • Bold and Commanding Black: With its super matte texture, the striking color black evokes a sense of power and combat-ready atmosphere. It silently exudes a deep and steady feeling that leaves an impression.

3, Metallic Vehicle Wraps

Adding a midnight blue vinyl wrap to your car is the definition of luxury, it’s solemn (without being too serious), formal (without being too rigid), and the deep, dark blue makes the streamlined body appear more temperamental and elegant.

4,  Satin Car Wrap

  • Perfect Masking: The car film offers excellent masking performance, completely concealing the original paint color while showcasing its own bright and vibrant hues. Additionally, it safeguards the original paint finish.
  • Heat-Resistant and Flame-Retardant: With an inert insulation property, the film can withstand temperature variations from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius. It effectively blocks high solar temperatures, reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • Carbon Fiber Finish: A vital accessory for modified cars, the carbon fiber design embellishes the car’s overall appearance, imparting a stylish, layered effect to the bodywork.

5,  Laser Car Wrap

  • Superior Back Adhesive: The film boasts excellent back adhesive properties, allowing it to be reapplied multiple times within a 40-minute window. After curing for 24 hours, it acquires the characteristics of permanence, removability, and high shielding. Upon removal, there is no residue left behind.
  • Exceptional Weather Resistance: Whether in high temperatures, severe cold, sandstorms, or sea breeze zones, the film exhibits great weather resistance, ensuring that it stays bright and long-lasting.
  • Glossy Laser Pink: With a base color of pink, the car film’s surface is shiny and lustrous, featuring a unique laser texture that blends perfectly with the soft pink shade. The overall effect exudes a sweet, elegant natural aura while incorporating an industrial metal style.

6, Chrome Car Wrap

With Ravoony Matte Romanee Red Car Wrap, the absolute matte texture becomes shines when exposed to water. The red car wrap is full of noble red low-light matte feeling, blooming with charm on rainy days.

7, Carbon Firber Car Wrap

  • Self-healing of Scratches: The installation process of the car wrap triggers a self-healing mechanism that automatically mends fine scratches on the film’s surface.
  • Excellent Ductility and Toughness: The car wrap possesses superior tensile strength, allowing it to cover tortuous and curved surfaces of the car body with ease.
  • Unique 3D Effect: The Carbon Fiber car wrap stands out from other car wraps owing to its strong 3D effect. It gives your car an elegant and high-end look that is sure to turn heads.

8, Pearlescent Car Vinyl Wrap

  • Inert Temperature Resistance and Flame Retardant: The car wrap boasts -40 to 90 degrees temperature difference adaptability, excellent heat insulation properties, and can effectively block the high temperature of the sun, reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • Excellent Ductility and Toughness: Sparkle White car wrap has great tensile strength, allowing it to cover tortuous and curved surfaces of the car body seamlessly.
  • Pearlescent Effect: Sparkle White car wrap has a unique glittering pearlescent effect, giving the car body a shimmering appearance under light. It looks noble with subtle beauty, like finely divided shells, providing an elegant but not exaggerated aesthetic reminiscent of bright moonlight.