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Best 5 Hot Dip Galvanizing Farrowing Crate Manufacturers


Hot dip galvanizing farrowing crate is a specially designed confinement system for gestating and nursing sows. The structure of this crate is such that it provides an environment in which sows can stay comfortable and safe throughout the gestation period and nursing period. The purpose of hot dip galvanizing is to coat ferrous materials with a protective layer of zinc, which would protect them from corrosion and rust, thereby increasing their durability and resistance.

A standard farrowing crate consists of an enclosure in which a sow can lie down but not turn around freely. A partition separates the lying area from the feeding and watering section. The flooring of this crate also varies, depending on the farmer’s choice; it could either be slatted or solid. Slatted ones allow dung and urine to exit through them and keep the sow clean, whereas the latter is more solid and comfortable.

Farrowing crates are commonly used because of their benefits to farmers. They make it easy to feed and care for individual sows, and they help minimize attack or injury by other sows since they remain immobile. Also, hot dip galvanizing farrowing crates have been proven to last longer than those that aren’t galvanized. This is mainly due to the protection offered by the zinc against environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and chemicals.

In conclusion, using a hot-dip galvanized farrowing crate has significant benefits over regular crates, making them highly desirable for any farmer interested in maximizing profits while still providing a comfortable, safe environment for their animals.

Below are the best 5 hot dip galvanizing farrowing crate manufacturers:

1, Pigequipments


It was founded in 2012 and has produced pig equipment ever since. Over the past decade, the company has focused on independent research and innovation, and now manufactures intelligent breeding equipment, as well as pig breeding products, making it one of the largest suppliers of equipment for breeding pigs in the world.

In the past decade, pig breeding and raising techniques have become increasingly popular in China and abroad.

Due to the fact that the original key equipment was blank, the company developed products independent of its intellectual property rights to meet the needs of pig farms around the world. Internationally and domestically, the main equipment dominates.

2. Weihui Wei Xin Machinery Co., Ltd.


A diversified high-tech company, Weihui Weixin machinery Co.,ltd., located in the historic city of central China, is committed to manufacturing, distributing, and conducting research and development in the field of breeding machinery. As of today, there are over 100 employees at the company, which has a registered capital of 5 million yuan.

3. Qingdao Ejoy Farming Machinery Co., Ltd.


Qingdao Ejoy Farming Machinery Co., Ltd. is not only a manufacturer of livestock and poultry farming equipment, but also sells feed systems, nipple drinking systems, ventilation and cooling systems, and environmental control systems. They also design and build modernized farms for broilers, breeders, layers, and pigs.

There are many advanced Qingdao Ejoy products, including layer cages, broiler cages, pullet cages, automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection, temperature control systems, broiler housing systems, steel structures, swine stalls, etc. As of the beginning of 2016, they have partnered with the Netherlands’ company SOL-4-u Europe BV, the British company Megdek, the Greek company VIT SA, and the Canadian company Topcool.

4. Henan Hengyin Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


In 1996, Hengyin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Henan as an engineering and technology company that specializes in designing, building, and installing high-tech products. Besides automating pig, chicken, and cattle farms, the company also manufactures automation products. Additionally, they have a great team that is capable of providing comprehensive service, including site selection for farms, project planning, design and construction, equipment production and installation, after-sales tracking service, and farm management training. Agricultural equipment has been a focus of the company for the past 20 years, and it has become a leader in the industry.

5. Zhengzhou Yalong Pultrex Composite Materials Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1994, Zhengzhou Yalong Pultrex Composite Materials Co., Ltd. brought advanced manufacturing technology in and imported a pultrusion machine after cooperating with UK Pultrex Ltd. One of the earliest batch fiberglass pultrusion manufacturers in the country, they were established in 1994. Their factory has an area of 6667 square meters, has eight pultrusion production lines, three assembly workshops, and produces around 1000 tons of fiberglass per year. The company is ISO9001-2008 certified.