Best 5 Fashion Womenswear Trend Forecasting Agencies & Websites in 2023


The business of fashion is continuously changing. You must stay up to date with the most recent trends in your business if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

By remaining on top of current trends and earning a larger share of the market, businesses may win from fashion forecasting services. You may precisely plan your marketing efforts and manufacturing capacities by having a professional forecast what will happen in the fashion sector.

We wrote this blog post to save you the time and effort of having to spend hours looking for all of this information on your own. Here are 11 services that are helping people or businesses just like yours succeed and are doing a wonderful job!

Womenswear trend forecasting is a crucial aspect of the fashion industry as it provides insights into what designs and styles will be popular in the upcoming seasons. Fashion designers, retailers, and marketers rely heavily on these forecasts to create their seasonal collections and make informed business decisions.

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, and this trend is expected to continue in womenswear. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and seeking out brands that prioritize ethical practices and use sustainable materials. This has led to an increase in demand for slow fashion, which focuses on creating high-quality pieces that can be worn for years rather than fast fashion, which produces cheaply made clothes that are quickly disposed of after a few wears.

Another trend that has gained popularity in womenswear is gender-neutral fashion. The fashion industry is moving towards a more inclusive approach, blurring traditional gender lines and creating clothes that can be worn by anyone regardless of gender. This shift towards unisex clothing is not only socially progressive but also financially beneficial as it expands the target demographic for brands.

Lastly, we see a continued influence of nostalgia with retro-inspired fashions making a comeback. 70s-inspired designs such as oversized collars and prints, flared pants, and platform shoes have made a return. We also see nods to 90s fashion with chunky sneakers, slip dresses, and baggy jeans.

Overall, the womenswear trend forecast anticipates a heavier focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and nostalgia as we move forward into the next seasons.

The fashion business needs fashion forecasting agencies in a big way. With the digitization of every other industry, trend predicting websites offer experiences that can occasionally be rather pricey. Fashion forecasting blogs are useful for small-business owners and aspiring designers.

These websites provide accurate information and sufficient data for aspiring designers, company owners, and anybody else interested in learning about fashion forecasting.

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Trend Forecasting Agencies

What is Fashion Forecasting?

Fashion forecasting is a position in the fashion industry that entails studying and assessing future trends based on customer information and purchasing patterns.

Millions of professionals across countless industries often draw inspiration from fashion and trends, so predicting what a client will buy tomorrow requires careful planning and in-depth research.

To capture a customer’s emotion, they search for prophetic and relatable fashions.

Fashion trend forecasting involves more than just picking or predicting trends; it also heavily relies on physiological, cultural, and sociological transformations that are important in the fashion industry.

Below are the best 5 womenswear trend forecast companies:

1, Popfashioninfo



Yishang Yunlian Group’s POP Fashion is a forum for information about fashion trends (founded in 2004, the first publicly traded company providing internet fashion design supply chain). The company is a pioneer in achieving O2O mode. They offer thorough, in-depth materials that are simple to use in addition to correct direction decision references. Building a network of fashion research and study centered on trends, styles, and fabrics is the goal of POP Fashion’s official website, which has nine parts and four categories, as well as its books (five series).

2, Heuritech


Heuritech is the first technology solution that fully comprehends your product, customers, and market by analyzing the subtle aspects of social media images.

Heuritech, a leading provider of fashion technology, provides businesses with forecasting information on trends and products. Heuritech, an AI-powered company, converts real-world images shared on social media into pertinent information to assist fashion companies in more accurately estimating demand and trends, increase sustainability, and acquire a distinct competitive advantage.

The company was founded in 2013 by PhDs with the single goal of bridging the gap between business and artificial intelligence, two fields that are normally kept apart. Several years later, Heuritech is still using the most latest scientific results in the fashion industry.

By observing what is happening on social media, predictive analytics on growth, volume, adoption speed, etc., may be utilized to precisely gauge demand and trends. Fashion designers can reduce their excess by producing the amount needed for each market and audience rather than just reacting to current trends.

3, Wgsn


For more than 20 years, WGSN has successfully anticipated trends for the most valuable brands in the world. With its ground-breaking online trend service, WGSN has been a market disruptor and a driving force in the fashion industry since its foundation in 1998.

They are constantly on the lookout for shifts in consumer attitudes, emotions, and actions. Their specialists make the connections to accurately predict what customers will require in the upcoming years in order to assist businesses in remaining relevant and securing their future.

You may make wise decisions with the aid of information from reliable sources, including current trend updates and 10-year estimates. Worldwide, WGSN supports creative minds in their efforts to comprehend and produce for the next generation of consumers.

4, Trendstop


Trendstop specializes in fashion and leisure trends, but they are more than just a trend predicting company. To avoid wasting your time and money on useless products, Trendstop’s experts are here to assist you make wise decisions about the future.

Trendstop wants to create a profitable and sustainable fashion and leisure industry. They’ve been using their tried-and-true trend forecasting method and market data to keep you in front of the curve when it comes to customer demand since 2002. Spending money on something you know other people will want is simpler.

5, Donegertobe


TOBE TDG is a go-to resource for knowledgeable counsel and innovative creative solutions with regard to consumer culture. Established in 1927 and 1946, respectively, TOBE and The Doneger Group have developed for the modern financial environment.

A unique operations team called TOBE TDG counsels great enterprises on branding, positioning, consumer interaction, merchandising and curation, design direction, and marketing messaging. Because of its thorough market research, it has one of the most innovative and effective content systems.

TDG has created a new model that can foresee major changes in the sociocultural and creative landscapes two to five years in advance.