5 kWh Lithium-ion Battery Ultra-thin Solar: A Comprehensive Review

BSLBATT is a China-based ISO-certified manufacturer. They specialize in the manufacturing and selling of backup power solutions.

BSLBATT is known for products that suit any home’s aesthetics and power requirements. BSLBATT products are available across regions like America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

The brand has been in the backup power industry for over twenty years. As of now, they deliver products throughout 100+ regions or countries.

Some of the bestsellers of BSLBATT belong to the LiFePO4 solar batteries category. LiFePO4 solar batteries are the perfect sustainable power solution for homes and commercial spaces alike.

5 kWh Lithium-ion Battery Ultra-thin Solar: Review in Detail

The ultra-thin battery from BSLBATT is an excellent home battery backup option. The product is available in single wall mount and multiple parallel connection options. The design of the battery helps the user save about 50% of installation space.


  • Brand: BSLBATT
  • Model: PowerLine – 5 kWh
  • Dimensions:6” x 21.3” x 3.5”: L X W X D
  • Capacity:12 kWh
  • Item Weight: 110 lbs
  • Product Warranty: 15 years


Despite being thinner than most similar products, the BSLBATT ultra-thin solar battery has impressive performance. The system strives to bring consistent performance from each cell, and as a result, the system functions with a higher efficiency and exhibits a longer life.

With repeated testing and reviewing, it was clear that the battery could withstand over 6000 cycles at a solid 100% DOD. A dedicated Battery Management System is available in the said product that provides higher peak power and current than its counterparts.

The LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) technology used in the battery enables it to operate across a broader range of temperatures. The LFP technology is also among the safest technologies in the category.


  • The battery is only 9 cm thick.
  • The battery exhibits 100% Depth of Discharge.
  • The product performs at a 98% round-trip efficiency.
  • The battery receives 15 kW peak power.
  • 15 years of product warranty is available for the product.
  • The battery is compatible with outdoor and indoor installation.
  • The battery has CE, UN38.3, and UL1973 certifications.


The ultra-thin solar battery from BSLBATT features a simple and ultra-thin design. The product and the mounting bracket together only have a thickness of about 9 cm. The thin design and the smart and sharp look enable the product to blend with all kinds of homes.


As the design of the BSLBATT battery is suitable for multiple installation options, the customer can install it indoors and outdoors alike. The battery’s compact size does not take up much wall space; thus, you can install it even in your attic or garage. The user can choose to integrate it with solar power or set it up for independent operation.


Compared to other popular products of the category, like the Tesla Powerwall, the BSLBATT ultra-thin battery is much thinner in design and more convenient. The Tesla Powerwall has about 14.6 cm thickness, whereas the BSLBATT PowerLine only has about 9 cm thickness.